Why should students Solve CBSE Sample Papers?

Solving CBSE Sample Papers is an exceptional technique to prepare for examinations and is also a must to do items before any examination. Regardless of whether it is school-based term examinations or board exams, students must practice by solving sample papers You can visit this website for more Sample papers and Solutions.  , once done with the course revision. Some of the many benefits of practising with sample papers are as follows:

a) Test oneself: Solving the sample papers will help the students test themselves and also understand if they have learnt the entire subject wholly or not. Once students go through all the questions in the sample papers, students will be able to judge whether they can answer all questions or not. Students can ascertain their weak areas by understanding the portions they are not confident enough about.

b) Time management: The time duration of sample papers is equal to that of the actual exam paper. The sample papers of class 10 are usually 3 hours long. Students can create examination conditions at home and practice time management by finishing the entire sample paper within the given time duration. Students can seek help from the elders at home to keep track of time as well as to take away books and other study materials except for sample paper and the answer sheet. This would help the students in resisting the urge of checking the books for answers. If the students are not able to complete the paper on time, they should practice more, until they start finishing the sample papers within the stipulated time.

c) Eradicate exam fear: Students are often found to have exam fear, causing them to either forget the answers or to fall sick due to the pressure and anxiety. The most reliable technique to surmount this phobia is to train oneself by solving more and more Sample Papers. Once done with practicing at least 6 sample papers before the exams, it will help build confidence and help them to remain calm and defeat the exam fear.

d) Rectify mistakes: It is always better to commit errors at home rather than in the examination. Once students start practicing the Sample Papers, they will initially make several mistakes, while answering the question papers. After solving the question paper compare them with the answers given in the answer booklets. Students will themselves witness a massive decrease in the number of mistakes they make every time they solve the sample papers.

Hence, students who aspire to score high marks in Class 10 exams are advised to solve the CBSE sample papers of class 10 so that they can prepare most proficiently for the exams. Solving these papers will help the students to revise the subject and write the exams most confidently.

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