Is Using Technology Good or Bad for Learning?

You might have read that technology enhances the learning outcomes or perhaps you would have read that screen time is not good for kids. You may also have read that there is no link between adolescent’s well being and the screen time. If there were a case to be made, more research can rather cloud the issue than clarify it. In this piece of article, we will talk about how to approach the use of technology in education and maximize opportunities for learning and minimizing the risk of harm done to the students.

The good that comes out of technology

  • Technology provides immediate access to a plethora of resources where students can get hold of the most relevant and efficient information. In a technologically driven classroom, there is no need to rely on obsolete textbooks.
  • Instead of waiting to be spoon-fed with information,students can leverage digital tools to get their academic queries solved at the earliest and learn on their own. Not to mention that even the doubts related to concepts like reactivity series can also be easily solved with the reactivity chart available online.
  • From videos to virtual trips, teachers can access unlimited free digital tools and resources that can make the subject more appropriate to students and engage them better for long- term learning.

The bad that comes out of technology

  • Many teachers and parents fear to implement technology into the teaching system because of the screen time. Screen time can not only be detrimental to the eye but can also cause mental exhaustion.
  • A the technologically enabled classroom can be an antisocial place with limited interactions between the peers with each peer working on his/her device.
  • The the online world is filled with games, ads and other forms of distraction that can veer students from the task at hand.

Do’s and Dont’s of Technology

From the points listed above, it is understood that there are potential benefits and risks of deploying technology to the learning environment. While we can’t wrap this topic with a bow just yet, the best we can do now is to understand how technology can be a valuable tool for educators to do the complex human work while we remain mindful of the risks as we currently understand them.

Do Use Technology Don’t Use Technology  
To enhance and extend social communicationsTo personalise learning for individual students based on their abilities, path and interestsTo provide students with choice and ownership of their learningTo provide access to learning environments such as simulations, etc which otherwise would not be available Use technology for unlimited hoursTo make decisions about learning without any input from teachers and students

We must continue to build our understanding of both the risks and benefits as we proceed. Having said this, to know how technology can make learning more efficient, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel and learn different science concepts such as the Friedel crafts reaction more effectively from the engaging video lessons.

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